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The Myers-Briggs Company


The Myers-Briggs company is the distributor and patent holder of the official MBTI test. Compamy also owns and publishes other tests such as FIRO, Strong, TKI, CPI, and others. The online platform for selling and distributing these test is called Elevate, and this project was about completely redesigning and rebulding the UI and UX for this platform, in particular part of the web app used by practitioners. The goal was to make the site more user friendly and accessible, with a clean and modern design. Once again I was a UI dev lead and was responsible for setting up front-end framework using angularjs and bootstrap, and build-up UI pages using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, around forementioned frameworks. This project is ongoing as we are preparing to redesign remaining part of the web app used by respondents.

Technologies used in this project: angular, angularjs, html, css, javascript, bootstrap, jquery, knockoutjs, C#, Visual Studio, TFS, various angularjs plugins and add-ons.